Friday 5 June 2015

Corpus Christi 2015

Well everyone said it weent very well.Beautiful music, lovely new vestments, enthhusiastic serving team anda good congregation (although I thought we might have had a few more). Fr Bede Rowe joined us as celebrant and gave a rousing ferverino on devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Fr Philps made the consierable journey from Berwick to be deacon. The reception afterwards was well attended. So here are some pictures courtesy of Mike.


  1. Wonderful to have the Plainchant & Polyphony together. I recall the polyphonic Proper from my days as a boy chorister at St Michael's in Newcastle. The vestments were magnificent. The whole Mass felt very prayerful.

  2. Warmest congratulations. A wonderful and holy manifestation of faith. It was evangelisation in practice.

    I would love to read the Homily!!!!!

  3. It sounds wonderful Father. We had the privilege of Fr Rowe marching just behind us all the way to Chartres. Let us merely say that he made his presence felt...


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