Saturday 13 June 2015

St Wilfrid`s Summer Fayre 1989.

Recently I was contacted by Bill who had made videos of parish events before he left the parish asking if we had any copies of his tapes. He had put the 1989 Summer Fayre on the web and was looking to add to it. It`s been popular so far with parishioners. I`m hoping we will be able to see the 1993 First Holy Communions and May Procession soon. 

I arrived at St Wilfrid`s in 1995 and stayed until 2005. We still had the summer fayres in those days. We had one laast year too but the small number of parishioners felt the burden of organising it was getting too much. So this August marks the twentieth anniversary of my arrival and tenth of departure for Forest Hall for eight years. Gateshead clergy seeem to be a remarkably stable lot. Last night I was at the Golden Jubilee Mass for Fr Cummins, parish priest of St Oswald`s, Wrekenton, where he has been for nineteen years. Also present was Fr Patterson who has benn at St Patrick`s, Felling for over twenty years. The Judicial Vicar Emeritus, Fr Zielinski, who was at Annunciation, Deckham before moving to Prudhoe for twelve years is now back in Gateshead at St Augustine`s, Leam Lane.  This video shows my predecessor at St Wilfrid`s, Fr O`Mahoney and on part two is his predecessor, Fr Donnelly who died in the early 2000`s. it`s nteresting to see some of the leading parishioners who are no longer with us such as the Hughes brothers, the Fagans,Catherine Hanley, Irenes Summers and Dooley and Maria Bell and her mother Cathy Bell (who died this week RIP). Other fundraising does continue with enthusiasm at St Wilfrid`s and is about to take an interesting turn about which more later.....

St Wilfrid's Catholic Church Summer Fayre... by wilmazoe

St Wilfrid's RC Church Gateshead Summer Fayre... by wilmazoe

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