Friday 29 May 2015

Corpus Christi

I`m delighted to say we will be celebrating a Solemn High Mass on Thursday June 4th at 7pm for the feast of Corpus Christi. There will be a short processsion afterwards around the outside of the church. Music by Mozart, Elgar and Franck by the Westland Singers. I`ll be joined by Frs David Phillips (deacon) and Bede Rowe (celebrant). Refreshments afterwards in the Ingram Hall. It will be the first use of the new High Mass set if the chasuble arrives from Madrid in time. All welcome. 

Corpus Christi 2014

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  1. Inspiring in every way. Congratulations to the serving team - must be the best in the Diocese. Congratulations to Paul and his Choir. Thank you to the clergy. Lovely vestments!!


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