Monday 5 March 2018

Ego Scriba

We are lucky at St Joseph`s in that Andrew, our MC, has a gift for calligraphy which he employs to create beautiful things for the church. He made a set of altar cards  and has more recently produced the prayer for the Asperges. He is working on transcribing the Gospel of John in Carolingian minuscule at the minute.

I mention this because he also has started a blog which may be of interest to readers. Here you will see which projects he is working on and some examples of the work. Today he has a post on the violent rabbits of the Middle Ages which is well worth a look. There`s a little bit about ladies throwing foxes at each other too if rabbits aren`t exciting enough.


  1. Rabbits, women throwing foxes....what more does a blog need?

  2. What a great blog! Count me as a fan.

    Violent rabbis and foxy ladies?

  3. Rabbis? One letter makes such a difference!

    1. If I ever find examples of Violent Rabbis with foxy ladies I will make sure to make that a featured post.

  4. You are too near the Jewish area to be talking of Violent Rabbis; the locals will search high & low. Great blog by the way Andrew!


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