Tuesday 11 April 2017

Deanery Chat

Maybe lay people wonder what priests talk about at deanery meetings.
From this month`s deanery meeting:
The fathers discussed what is wrong with the diocese/universal Church.
`We have forgotten Vatican II and especially the spirit of Vatican II`
Me: I thought the SSPX have been told that Vatican II is optional and not following it doesn`t prevent you being a Catholic.
Disgruntled Father: Without Vatican II we`d be in a terrible state.
Me: How would that terrible state differ from what we have now?
No reply.


  1. The pity is, Father, that some people are so removed from reality that they may as well be living on Planet Zog. It is, I suppose, possible to delude oneself so that the reality of situations no longer seems to apply.

    A parallel can be seen in politics - Momentum/Corbynists firmly believe that Labour lost the last 2 General Elections because they "weren't Left Wing enough".

    Terry Middleton

  2. I am sure it would be very interesting to the laity - and educational - if minutes were taken at these meetings and then published. A priest commented at a gathering in this diocese many years ago when this subject was being discussed that the clergy had not get given the laity the Church that they needed. It is this mindset, that of forcing their own misguided ideas upon a reluctant and disbelieving laity, that has emptied our churches and created the desperate situation we are now experiencing.

  3. There is a question which if it were possible I should to ask all the Clergy including the Cardinals and the Bishops. It is this "Why do you keep trying to destroy the Church ?"


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