Monday, 27 April 2015

Fr Lawrence Jones

Very sad news this morning as the death of Fr Lawrence Jones was announced. He was parish priest of Morpeth, (where I spent time as a curate from 1992-95) and only 53 years old but had been diagnosed with cancer at the start of the year.  Lawrence could always bring a smile to your face: he had great faith and was a good shepherd. Here he is talking about the vocation to the priesthood. He`ll be very much missed. May he rest in peace. His body will be received into St Robert`s on Monday 4th May at 7pm. The Requiem Mass will be at the cathedral on Tuesday at 12.


  1. Thank you for posting this video, Father. It is a very moving , and typifies the Fr Jones I met. His sense of humour and fairness is something I remember most of all. It was obvious he loved his priesthood and the people of God. I think he presented a face of the priesthood we need today, and it’s very sad to have lost him so young. I will be one of the many priests offering Mass for him and for his family. May he rest in peace, and may his family know God's comfort.

  2. Met Fr Jones on a number of occasions, most recently when he became a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre

  3. As an Anglican priest I found it a privilege to work with Fr Lawrence in the Chaplaincies of Wansbeck ( in Ashington )and North Tees (in Stockton) NHS Trusts. He joined me at N.Tees at my request and we continued a ministry together with prayer and much laughter,. ( we did after dinner speeches together based on the Two Ronnies scripts!) to raise money for charities,
    I shall miss his presence. We too remember him at the Eucharist. The Revd. Philip Bennison

  4. Father Lawrence touched my family in such a positive way, from our very first meeting. He was such a friendly and personable person, with so much love and kindness to share, he had a heart of Gold! It was such a lovely surprise to see my son in this video with him. Thank you for this posting this Video. He will be missed so very very much.

  5. Surprised that there wasn't more about Fr Jones in the "Northern Cross". I knew him for many years since the days of the junior seminary at Upholland and kept in touch down the years. The pilgrimage to the Holy Land he organised was the most spiritual (and the most fun!) I have ever participated in.
    Come on Northern Cross, ditch some of the dodgy theological opinions you sometimes publish and do an edition largely dedicated to the life and witness of this great priest!

    Canon David Grant (Bridlington)


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