Sunday, 12 January 2014

Midnight Mass at St Wilfrid`s, Gateshead

When the Extraordinary Form Sunday Mass started in the 90`s in Gateshead it was at St Wilfrid`s. At Christmas it was decided to have midnight Mass there again rather than the normal venue of St Joseph`s because it was less likely to attract passing drunks-not being in the town centre-and  the heating is very efficient, unlike at St Joseph`s. In the event 65 people came and many said they enjoyed being back at St Wilfrid`s. It was a pleasure to be joined by local FSSP seminarian James Mawdsley. Many thanks to Pat for the photo.


  1. Its lovely to see a photo of St.Wilfrids on your blog fr!!!

  2. Father. St Wilfrid's looks to be a lovely church. Any chance of more photo's and info/history about it?

  3. Re awards: for folk with any experience of Ushaw........can I recommend the photo of Rev. Dr. Mick Sharratt in his D.Litt (honoris causa) kit, published today. Google Durham Congregation Jan.17


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