Monday, 6 January 2014

Awards and Honours

Once again I am being showered with awards. A while ago I was given the Liebster award which I did nothing about. This time Mulier Fortis and Ben Trovato have given me a Sunshine Award. It pains me to have to say what should be obvious but following the example of Pope Francis and the long-standing policy of the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, which was renewed by the Council of Priests last year, it is clear that I cannot accept any awards. For a long time now the policy of the diocese has been not to grant Bene Merentis, Pro Ecclesias, papal knighthoods, the title of Canon or Monsignor etc. There was one award which was given and that was the Northern Cross Spirituality Award but this seems to have fallen by the wayside too of late. A strange exception to the rule is the OBE or MBE or such like which it is OK to have. Congratulations to Elaine and Patrick.

Another problem is that part of the condition for receiving the award is that you have to nominate ten other blogs for the award and I can`t think of ten who have not been named already. 

Another feature is that you are asked to reveal ten things about yourself. This I am happy to do.

1) I prefer carrots al dente
2) I quite like them cut into little batons but can rarely be bothered to do it.
3) I often wonder why the fashion of wearing different coloured trouser legs fell out of fashion at the start of the sixteenth century and has never been revived.
4) I think Brutal Youth is the best Elvis Costello album but seem to be alone in this.
5) I cannot fry onions for toffee.
6) I play the clarinet (I`m somewhat rusty but having lessons again).
7) I played the clarinet in the German College orchestra in Rome c.1991.
8) I once played the clarinet in the presence of the bishops of the Northern Province of England at the English College, Rome and was accompanied by the present rector on the piano.
9) I often seem to find a tape measure in my jacket pocket.
10) I can`t read my own writing.

So I hope that is ok. Without accepting an award I hope I have satisfied the curiosity of those who were kind enough to bestow it.


  1. Terry Middleton (O.B.E. and proud of it)6 January 2014 at 23:06

    I am sure your many fans would agree with your being designated a ray of sunshine, although I cannot understand why anyone would fry onions "for toffee" - I fry them for steak, but there you go! I dont carry a tape measure in my pockets - not enough room' they are normally full of keys, money, cigarettes and lighters.

    I understand the Northern Cross has instituted another award - a Fatwah against Tories who dare to write letters, it's called the "Get Middleton" award.

    On a more serious note - what right have the Diocesan authorities to deny papal awards to well deserving laypeople? Is this an example of egalitarianism gone mad? Also, why are the offices of Monsignor and Canon not acceptable in this Diocese. Crackers!

  2. I'm with Terry on this one - no one fries onions for toffee - one should heat sugar...

  3. Re. trousers with different coloured legs. I recall that my cousin once wore these in the sixties (one black and one red!). My sister once saw him out and about in said trousers and hid in case anyone saw her talking to him.


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