Tuesday 21 January 2014

Even more awards and honours

I was interested to read last week that Fr Michael Sharratt has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Durham University. Fr Sharatt has spent most of his priestly life at Ushaw and his award is for the work he has done in the library. Congratulations to Dr Sharratt.

I have reason to be grateful to Fr Sharratt as when I was a seminarian at Ushaw he used to have a room of surplus books fror sale. I acquired some very useful books in this way. I first got a copy of Fortescue from there as well as liturgical books such as a small Pontifical from 1937 a full Roman Ritual from 1895, O`Connell`s three volume Celebration of the Mass, a nicely bound set of Newman`s Lives of the English Saints and many more which have stood me in good stead.

Fr Sharratt is a regular speaker at the North East Catholic History Society


  1. Many congratulations to Dr Sharratt, I am sure, from all alumni.
    Was he a relation, by any chance, of Fr Leo Sharratt, Rector of the Junior House in the 1950s - 1960s?

    His predecessor in the Big Library, Fr Bernard Paine, was a one off - unique in every way. Fr Paine went to Ushaw at the age of 11 in Underlow, and spent the rest of his life there.
    I remember having to go to his room for some reason, I forget why, while he was laid up in bed with some sort of illness. There he was, sitting up in bed, in striped pyjamas, but remembering his vocation, with his biretta firmly planted on his head.

    They don't make 'em like that any more!

    This last comment will only be understood by Ushawmen of a certain vintage -
    Things went downhill, haircut wise, when Ted Stone retired!

  2. There were (I believe) several Rev Sharratts including 1 in the 1960s who was a PP in Hartlepool & his brother became PP at Lobley Hill. Also in my year at SCGS there were 2 Sharrets - I suppose Dr Michael could be one of them.


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