Monday 24 January 2022

A valid expession of the Church`s liturgy

Thought it was worthwhile reminding ourselves of what archbishop Roche had to say in 2015 about the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.


  1. It must be useful to be able to express two ideas (only the Ordinary Form or both forms equal) without even blushing - or does he just have 2 faces depending on who his boss is??

  2. "For the formation of consciousness in the liturgical field, it is important to stop condemning the liturgical form valid until 1970. Those who, currently, intervene in favour of the validity of this liturgy or its practice are treated like lepers: all tolerance ends. This intolerance is such that we have never seen anything like it throughout the whole history of the Church. This manner shows scorn and contempt to all the history of the Church. How can we have confidence in Her now, taking that into account? I confess also that I do not understand why so many bishops submit themselves, without a valid reason, to this law of intolerance which opposes necessary reconciliation within the Church."

    Joseph Ratzinger: Voici Quel Est Notre Dieu. Editions Plon/Mame, 2005.


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