Saturday 23 October 2021

Heart and Soul

This is a well-researched piece by the BBC World Service on the current state of the Latin Mass which is well worth listening to. Click here to listen.` ` `"Communities that celebrate with the Latin Mass have prospered. Now, Pope Francis has ruled that Catholics may only use the Latin Mass if their bishops agree to let them. Instead of a rule of tolerance for the Old Rite, wherever Catholics want it, there will be tolerance on a case-by-case basis. Many traditionally-minded Catholics believe that what is at stake here is the soul of the Catholic church with a liberal old guard with Francis at their head hoping to snuff out a rising generation of conservatives before they take over. In France, the more old-fashioned Catholics still often have very large families and, proportionately, many more of their sons become priests. In this edition of Heart and Soul, France-based correspondent John Laurenson, takes us into the extraordinary world of traditional Catholicism in France. We go to Versailles, the former seat of the ardently-Catholic monarchy, that is today the unofficial capital of the ‘tradi’ movement. John meets young Catholics to find out what attracts so many young believers to the Old Rite"


  1. Excellent Father, thank you for drawing our attention to the programme.

  2. What a brilliant & well balanced presentation of our desire for our Holy Mass to be celebrated as it always was. As an older man (83) I grew up with the Mass in Latin both at home & at school & yet, it seems from nowhere, came Vatican 2 which at a stroke threw out the form of Mass which had fed Catholics for millenia.
    Is it not time that we all wrote to Pope Francis & told him of our feelings & appetite for the Mass which brings us closer to God?
    I do attend Novus Ordo Masses but must say that my choice of church is decided by who the celebrant is. We attend St Andrew's on Saturday evenings & Fr Paul is happy to give Communion on the tongue but other priests try to force you to receive in the hand. I know that I am not worthy to receive my Lord & God even on the tongue but how much less worthy am I to touch Him? I have only once touched a Sacred Host & it was when an elderly priest dropped his Host & was unable to retrieve It. I felt guilty for days.
    Let us pray that Pope Francis sees the errors of his ways.

  3. Volume 1 of 2 is an enlightening book regarding The Mass of the Roman Rite: ITS ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT (Missarum Sollemnia). This is the replica of the 1951 translation explaining the traditional Eucharistic celebration through the ages by Joseph Jungmann


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