Tuesday 6 July 2021

First EF Mass

All went well on Sunday for Fr Wilkinson`s first EF Mass at St Joseph`s. Here are some photos. I was impressed by Fr`s Latin and his getting the stress of words in the right place. His sermon, in which he addressed the topic of Catholic national leaders consenting to abortion went down well with many people. The choir were on good form and after half an hour sandwich break and more rehearsal were ready for Vespers and Benediction at 3. Fr Wilkinson is being assigned to St Mary`s, Hexham, as assistant priest, a parish also with an excellent choir. I was intrigued by Fr`s vestments, not having seen a cut like that before: they are from Mexico. Ad multos annos!


  1. Happy to see that the Hammond boys were used on this wonderful occasion.

  2. Hopefully this might see the introduction of the Latin Mass at Hexham as, I believe, Fr Chris isn't averse to it from past experience of Masses at Hexham. God bless Fr Wilkinson & I echo your 'ad multos annos'


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