Tuesday 3 January 2017


People tell me I should advertise things more so this is just to say there will be an Extraordinary Form Low Mass for Epiphany on Friday 6th January at 10.00 am at St Joseph`s. There may be chalk too.


  1. Well, Father....

    It is in the Bulletin, and you announced it at Mass on Sunday. I suppose a full page ad in the Journal and Chronicle, plus a half page in the Daily Torygraph and Grauniad (being politically neutral, of course) could be effective.

    The lure of some chalk is reason enough to have them queuing round the block. Any chance of any cheese to go with the chalk?

  2. Dear Fr Michael,

    I think it is very helpful to advertise these Masses on your blog for those who are not regular attenders at St Joseph's but would like to attend these feast day Masses on their correct day. I know of such a person. It also gives us the opportunity to thank you publicly for your pastoral concern in providing these 'extra' Masses for those who love the TLM.


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