Friday 13 January 2017


Our year here at Gateshead is getting off to a good start. After Chris, our organist and choirmaster, decided to step down, the position has been filled by Paul Dewhurst. Many thanks to Chris for all his work in 2016. Paul brings enthusiasm and experience to the job. Sung Mass is normally on the first and third Sundays.

This Sunday we are joined by some of the Westland Singers too. The music this Sunday is:

Proper of the Mass: sung to psalm tone 3
Gloria.. Mass in RE.Bevenot.
Offertory.. Jesu Rex admirabilis. Palestrina
Credo 3
Sanctus.. Orbis factor.
Communion..  O sacrum convivium Plainchant
Final Hymn.. Let all mortal flesh keep silence.

Franz Xaver Gruber was new to me but apparently wrote 60 Mass settings but is mainly remembered for Silent Night.

Other things in 2017 include the 10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum on July 7th. We will be having a Solemn High Mass of Thanksgiving and pulling out all the stops we can. It also marks the 75th birthday of our bishop, Seamus Cunningham, so we will be remembering him on the day he qualifies for retirement which we pray is long and happy. Let`s hope we don`t have a long wait before his successor is appointed.  

There will be Mass at Brinkburn in September. it would also be worthwhile trying to get a Mass at Ushaw again. They seem to be more interested in the history of the place now than when I was there so I hope we can do this. 

I received a number of interesting CDs of sacred music over Christmas and hope to write about these soon.

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  1. Hope the choir does well & that, eventually, 4 part Masses are the order of the day. The Tozer 4 part Propers are also worth looking at


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