Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fr Jacques Hamel

Tomorrow the Pope will celebrate Mass for Fr Jacques Hamel. Today I recived a reply from Fr Moanda of St Etienne du Rouvray thanking us for the book or remembrance we sent from St Joseph`s, Gateshead. ( Gateshead being twinned with St Etienne du Rouvray.)


  1. Hopefully Gateshead MBC & Felling MVC (which sang there during a European Tour while I was Secretary) have also written &, like St Joseph's, will have cemented a longstanding relationship through twinning.

  2. If he isn't a martyr, then I don't know who is. Of course, priests in Syria, Iraq. etc are being slaughtered in their hundreds by some adherents of the "religion of Peace".

    We must never forget the 7,000 priests and nuns murdered by the Communists in Spain during the civil war.


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