Thursday 21 July 2016

Fr Mawdsley at St Joseph`s 2

Some photos from Fr Mawdsley`s Mass at St Joseph`s last week.


  1. Thanks Father B., I was wondering if you had any photographs of the evening to share.
    The Mass went beautifully, as did the reception. The singing was superb and the homily was splendid (I have a summation -as best I can remember it- on my blog). On leaving to return home I was met outside by two young men discussing the said homily with a lady who seemed to have a quite an adverse reaction to it. I listened but for once did not involve myself!
    The whole evening was grand; I only wish I were still in my parish so that I could have taken Fr Mawdsley up on his offer of a Mass there too.
    God Bless.

  2. A most moving and sacred event. Many congratulations to the impeccable serving team, the fine choir and of course the clergy.
    It was a privilege to be there.

  3. What a wonderful evening, long to be remembered!! Wishing Fr James many happy & fruitful years in the holy priesthood - and many more hardhitting sermons!!!!!!


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