Saturday 9 July 2016

Fr James Mawdsley at St Joseph`s

Fr James Mawdsley and his brother on his ordination day

Congratulations to Fr James Mawdsley on his ordination to the priesthood on July 2nd for the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter. Father is going around the country on a First Mass tour and is coming to St Joseph`s, Gateshead on Wednesday 13th July for a Solemn High Mass at 7pm. Music by the Westland Singers. All welcome. Refreshments afterwards. Ad Mulos Annos!


  1. What a great evening! Pity more weren't in the congregation. The choir were also in fine voice & good to see Fr Jim Angus involved.

  2. It was a beautiful Mass and I was honoured to receive Father Mawdsley's priestly blessing. Father's sermon was fantastic.


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