Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Arcady: February 18th 1996-February 23rd 2016

20th Birthday celebration
Sad to say, my oldest cat, Arcady died this morning. Last night I discovered all his legs were useless. I gave him water on a spoon and he gulped it down. Then this morning he wanted no more water but had a couple of slices of beef. I took him to the vet who said there was no hope and that pain, toxins and kidney trouble had got the better of him. So after saying goodbye I took him to the garden at St Wilfrid`s where he spent his first ten years and buried him with his brother, Mico, who was killed age 3 in 1999. He`s very much missed already.
On arrival at St Wilfrid`s


  1. Those of us who have owned cats will share your pain Father. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Arcady obviously had a good life with you.

  2. What a shame! How old was he & do the 2 young cats miss him? Just as well you have them to help get over it.

  3. Very sorry to read this. Arcady does seem to have had a good innings but that will not make his loss any better.


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