Friday 4 July 2014

Unidentified Object

Last weekend there was an envelope left in the sacristy with only `Fr` written on it. I opened it and found this. What could it be? The fabled Northern Cross Spirituality Award perhaps? I hope to find out this weekend. Nowadays in the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle we don`t do awards unless they are from the queen or some civic authority but awards from the pope have been ruled out. This is clearly a diocesan award with it`s image of St Cuthbert and being in the shape of his cross. I`ll make enquiries at the weekend but if anyone knows in the meantime I`d be interested to know anything about it.

UPDATE 9.7.14 So it appears to be a Lourdes pilgrimage medal. Thanks for all your help.


  1. Hello Fr

    I thinks it's from a diocese pilgrimage to Lourdes or Rome, have a few examples fron @ 1920's ..... Paul@ryhope

    1. I have a Lourdes Pilgrimage small hymn book from the Diocesan Pilgrimage c.1975, with the medal/badge on the front cover. I seem to remember we all wore them during our stay at Lourdes.

  2. In the US Catholic Boy scouts can get (still I hope) a Pius XII "Ad Altare Dei" Medal which isn't issued by the scouts per se but a denomination, but can be worn with their Scout Uniform. Does something like this exist in the UK? What does the lettering say on the does look like a pope though with the triple crown.

  3. Father,
    I found this in the back room in St.Wilfrid's church hall and left it for you a number of weeks ago.It was found at the same time we discovered the gift of the beautiful Bible that someone had given to Fr.Cooper.I was puzzled by it because I knew that the Diocese doesn't give out such medals!!!


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