Friday 25 July 2014

Ss Peter and Paul`s, Longbenton

I read this sad bit of news about my former parish today:

Parish Future: The Future of Ss. Peter and Paul Church Longbenton
After consultation with parishioners and with his Council the Bishop has decided that the church at Ss. Peter and Paul should close. Among the reasons for this decision are the declining numbers in the congregation, such that the parish is not able to meet its annual running costs, as well as the impact of the relocation of St Stephen’s School. In the light of this very sad decision it is important over the next few months for people in the community to reflect on how best their pastoral needs for Sunday Mass and the sacraments might best be secured. This is something to be discussed with the Parish Council and at a further consultation meeting with the Vicar General and the Epsicopal Vicar in the autumn.

I hate it when Catholic churches close. St Wilfrid`s Gateshead was given a reprieve two weeks ago today in the light of the work done and money raised by parishioners. However we have just had an electrical inspection and although I haven`t seen the report as yet I hear that the estimate is for tens of thousands of pounds. My first reaction was `Who needs electricity?` given we flourished without it for 1900 years or so. However there are still hard times ahead for St Wilfrid`s I fear. The parishioners continue to impress with their dedication to saving the church. If you are in Gateshead on August 9th do come to this:


  1. What will happen to the splendid icons at SS Peter and Paul that you were responsible for installing? Will it be possible to have them transferred to another parish so they might be appreciated?

  2. I recall as a young man chorister at St Michael's, Newcastle, singing at a special Mass shortly after the church opened. The first PP was Fr Raymond Crumbley who had served as a curate at St Michael's for many years. The church was crammed with parishioners. Whilst the closure is terribly sad the real sadness is that it is the fault of local Catholics(?) who were not attending. Unlike St Wilfrid's where the parishioners rallied around this doesn't happen often enough

  3. I often wonder why any church has to close,I always thought that the Saving of Souls was of primary concern to the Catholic Church,not £ signs.We are of course doing our utmost to keep St,Wilfrid's going and,I know that people who read this blog have many fond memories of it so I would urge them to donate to St.Wilfrid's,The Diocese has told us that they will not lend us the money.Please mark any cheques etc to St.Wilfrid's Church but stipulate that is for the Electrical Re-wiring.Many thanks to those who attended The Fayre and gave donations,God Bless You!!!

  4. We are heading to our last Christmas Mass at SS Peter & Paul tonight, very sad that it is closing. We will always hold it dear in our hearts as we were married there in July 2011 by you. I hope the elders in the congregation will still be able to get to the nearby parishes to worship.


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