Friday 20 June 2014

Corpus Christi

I`m happy to report that we had a beautiful Mass, procession and Benediction last night for the feast of Corpus Christi. We had a congregation of about 50-60 although the lure of watching the England team lose to Uruguay proved too strong for some who left before the procession began. Here are a few photos courtesy of Pat. We were joined by Paul Dewhurst and his Westland Singers from Sunderland whose lovely singing made it a very special occasion. Rorate Caeli had drawn attention to it being the 750th anniversary of the promulgation of the bull, Transiturus, establishing the feast so as most of us won`t be around for the 800th anniversary I read it out as it is quite short.

The procession went well although as the pictures reveal keeping a canopy taut is not easy not to mention trying to get under road signs and trees. I had informed the police and a patrol car appeared during our walk. We were also photographed by a couple of girls from the Gateshead Orthodox Jewish community I was told! 

So the next High Mass is on July 26th to mark the martyrdom of St John Ingram. Sadly we won`t have the Westland Singers but I`m sure it will be a splendid occasion.


  1. Good to see a couple of first time attendees one of whom told me she had no idea that the TLM was celebrated regularly at St Joseph's. It was also good to be joined by a couple of ladies of the Ordinariate parish at Gainford & visitors from Fr Phillip's parish in Berwick.

  2. It is a very beautiful canopium. Yes, the difficulty is keeping the canopium in shape. It requires some practice to do it well. I favour having a frame to keep it straight.

    We will be having an outdoor procession in York on Sunday from st Wilfrid's Church. There will be any number of obstacles, including getting through Bootham Bar.

  3. It was a really impressive celebration of the Feast, and on the correct day!
    Next time, lets cut down some of the overhanging vegetation between the car park and Walker Terrace - caused we Canopiers some trouble.


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