Friday 26 August 2022

Bishop Barron Presents | Shia LaBeouf - Padre Pio and the Friars

Shia LaBeouf takes the part of Padre Pio in a new film about the saint. He has become a Catholic through it. Not much good news at the minute but this is worth watching especially from 11 minutes in.


  1. Sir Alec Guinness became a Catholic as a result of his portrayal of Fr. Brown because he saw the trust of a small child who during filming believed him to be a real priest and took Guinness by the hand. He later went on to play Monsignor Quixote in a film based on Graham Greene's novel of the same name. I have always found this to be a very touching story and would recommend the film as a fitting version of the book. It is also redolent of the wonderful Italian stories about Don Camillo and Peppone which are also filled with humanity. I must confess to having never heard of Shia LaBeouf but he makes some very good points.

  2. Perhaps a special showing of this film could be arranged in Rome for the pope and all the cardinals. If it is so powerful it might attract a few more conversions.


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