Monday, 8 July 2019

Summorum Pontificum at 12

Yesterday marked the twelfth anniversary of the promulgation of Summorum Pontificum. Yes it`s still here and not tampered with. Occasionally ignored or resisted (cf the recent business with the Knights of Malta) but continuing to bear fruit. This weekend brought two events that would have been unimaginable not too long ago.

At Portsmouth cathedral, bishop Egan ordained four priests in his cathedral for the Family of Mary Immaculate and St Francis using the extraordinary form Pontifical. These piests belnog to the diocesan group of Franciscans at Gosport and celebrate both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Mass.

Meanwhile in Nottingham dioceses Fr Liam Carpenter was ordained. He celebrated his first Mass in the extraordinary form at the Dominican church of the Holy Cross in Leicester.

Well, the Latin Mass Society say it was in the Extraordinary Form although the lack of altar cards and presence of concelebrants is confusing. Nonetheless ad multos annos to all these new priests!

No ordinations to the priesthood in Hexham and Newcastle this year but now we have a bishop who is known to celebrate the Extraordinary Form we hope that great things lie ahead and that the EF Mass in the diocese will go from being `tolerated` (as was the case before) to embraced and celebrated as a normal part of Catholic life.


  1. Please God the days of toleration are far behind us. (Paul@Ryhope)

  2. Fr Gary Dickson14 July 2019 at 13:53

    Despite the fact that our new Bishop likes the EF, I doubt he can have much influence over the clergy who have been formed to think and reflect in a Modernist way, under the impression that it is simply a developing of genuine Catholicism. We have a long, long way to go before genuine Catholicism is tolerated, never mind values. It is a very said state we are in since the early 1900's when Pope St Pius X first tackled Modernism head-on. The Holy Ghost is certainly planting seeds, but they have to grow along with the tares for some while yet i suspect, since the College of cardinals seems replete with men who seek to follow society's secular changes rather than genuine development of Doctrine.


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