Friday 8 February 2019

More on Bishop Robert Byrne.

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During photo shoot around Cathedral he also shook hands with mass-goers who were beginning to assemble at the Cathedral for 12.05pm mass and he simply surprised them by introducing himself as the new Bishop of the diocese. Many of them were surprised and got up in awe, some out of respect and one of them even kissed his ring when he approached and showed his warmth and simple demeanour.
When asked to comment on the first Papal visit to UAE he said: “we must always be ready to talk, there are things that divide us as Christians and non Christians. If we respect each other we gain so much out of it.”
On his leisure time involvements he said he loves theatre, opera and walking and added that given the vast coastline here in the north east that will be something to explore.
As the future shepherd of the flock of Hexham and Newcastle, he concluded that he would go about taking care of the priests as the priests take care of the people under their care. He said he is not averse to asking questions and added that he will not be shy to seek sage advice from Bishop Seamus as and when he needs it, during the course of his ministry as Bishop.
He has chosen to make his final move from Birmingham to Newcastle on St Cuthbert’s feast day- Hexham and Newcastle’s patron saint- on March 20 and will be installed as the 14th Bishop on the Feast of the Annunciation on March 25.

I`m delighted to hear that he is going to take care of the priests so they can care for the people. That`s how it meant to work I`ve always thought.

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  1. He is a good, sound Bishop: a true son of St Philip. My old diocese has been truly blessed.


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