Wednesday 22 November 2017


Please remember Fr Gary Dickson, (of the Catholic Collar and Tie blog) in your prayers. He is seriously ill. Updates on his condition can be found on the blog here. Fr Dickson has been retired a while through ill health. Many in Hexham and Newcastle and beyond know him as a man of principle and courage.

While I`m here Fr Jim Doherty is also in need of prayers. At 91 he had been retired in the presbytery in St Robert`s Morpeth (in the rooms I had as a curate there) for sixteen years. He was still helping out with Sunday and weekday Mass and kept things going when the previous parish priest, Fr Lawrence Jones, was dying of cancer in the presbytery a few years ago. In May he sustained brain damage after being hit by a car while out for a walk and is struggling to recover. 

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  1. Have passed on Fr Gary's condition details to other priests who know him


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