Sunday 18 June 2017


This is timely. I was talking to a priest recently, telling him how a
mutual friend had asked advice about where to buy a special vestment
which a parishioner had given a large sum to buy. I was surprised when this priest said his main concern in buying vestments are whether they are washable. Not
something on my list of priorities! Oh and I have someone coming to fix
my washer/dryer tomorrow.

Thanks to Laurence England


  1. The sound system this morning sounded as if it WAS your washing machine!!!

  2. Modern contraptions such as driers and tumble driers only cause problems. In the good old - traditional - days we used a poss tub, mangle, and clothes line which were environmentally friendly. The only problems we encountered were low flying pigeons and the line snapping occasionally. These problems were instantly remedied and we didn't have to hang around waiting for someone to come out to fix them.

  3. Laudato Si

    You forgot to mention the black smuts caused by the open fires - not so easy to fix!


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