Thursday 5 May 2016

The appointment of priests can be a difficult business

Bishop Prasad Gallela

Priests are sometimes disappointed in their appointments. Some, it seems, can be so disappointed they kidnap the bishop. This story popped up recently from India. This was their fifth attempt to kidnap him. More here.

MUMBAI – Police in India on Monday arrested 14 people for the kidnapping and beating of a Catholic bishop on April 25, including three of the bishop’s own priests, at least one of whom is believed to have been upset that he was recently denied a requested position in the diocese.

The main culprit charged in the arrest is Father Raja Reddy from Jammalamadugu, located in the diocese of Cuddapah in southern India, which is led by Bishop Prasad Gallela, 54, who is currently recovering from injuries sustained in the kidnapping.

Sources told Crux that Raja Reddy had requested the position of “procurator” in the diocese, which would have allowed him to exercise certain powers in the name of the bishop, but was turned down.Gallela and his driver were kidnapped on April 25 at a village called Nagasanepalle by a group of persons who showered blows on him, blindfolded and tied him up, and took him to an undisclosed place and demanded a ransom of roughly $75,000.

Major breakthrough:Kadapa SP Navin Gulati presenting the arrested persons before the media in Kadapa on Monday. Presumably the guilty priests are among the hooded men.


  1. But Father.....this is something new! Is a Bishop, albeit an Indian Bishop, worth as much as $75,000? From what I read, and I know I shouldn't, there are plenty of clergy and laity who would gladly pay the hostage takers more than that to "remove" their Bishop to a place of confinement where he could do less damage. I am thinking of the bicycling Italian Bishop we have seen in recent days.

    I must go and lie down in a darkened room where I can repent my naughty thoughts.

  2. Ooh Terry!!! You didn't give the current valuation. Perhaps in the case of the bicycling archbishop it would be sufficient to deny him access to his bike!


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