Thursday 19 November 2015

Rome-bound again!

Off to Rome next week for the five-yearly visit of the Judicial Vicars of England and Wales to the Roman Curia. On Monday I was in London for a meeting to hear from Fr Frank Morrissey how Mitis Judex is meant to work. I thought I had it worked out in my head but now I find I have more questions so I hope to sort them out next week. It was interesting to hear that the introduction of the shortened process for marriage nullity cases is reviving the provisions of Clement V`s decree Saepe of 1308 which were changed by the 1917 code. Makes me feel better about it all! It is also the biggest change to the whole process since 1741.


  1. Of course, Father, you remember all three Decrees, not so much the 1308 one - you were very young at the time, but the other two when you were more mature.


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