Sunday 30 August 2015

News from Berwick

It`s a long time since I was ever in Berwick. But things are afoot there. I was surprised to learn recently that that they are performing Die Walküre (The Valkyrie) there on Friday, albeit in an 18 piece re-orchestration . I`d never thought of Berwick as a centre for opera but there we are. Other news from Berwick concerns the Extraordinary Form. In this week`s parish newsletter there is the following announcement:

“It is hoped to celebrate a Traditional Latin Mass on a Thursday morning during school term time, at 10 am, beginning this Thursday, September 3rd.  This can’t necessarily be guaranteed every week so please do check beforehand. ..sheets with readings, prayers etc. will be provided”

Delighted to hear it and I hope it goes well. Thursday at 10 am may not be a convenient time for those who work but parish weekday Masses are often at 10am these days so it`s good to see it incorporated into the parish schedule. It`s a while since there has been a new Mass location for the Extraordinary Form in H & N. Well done Fr Phillips and I hope it takes off.

Our Lady and St Cuthbert`s, Berwick


  1. Great news, we hope to be there & hope to see Sheila Webster too. Do you know if Fr P has a server?

  2. We were there today in his lovely church. It was his young server's first time & he did remarkably well. We also called in to see Sheila & she really isn't terribly well & not happy being there. However, as she doesn't realise much I don't think she would be happy anywhere. The biggest problem is her lack of contact with old friends from Newcastle & Sunderland & I hope anyone passing will call to see her. She LOVES chocolate by the way.
    Fr Phillips is hoping that this Mass will be weekly. There were about 12 there today & they all seemed delighted.

  3. Berwick has improved recently, now that they have a better class of MP.
    I gave it a shot in 1987, I stood for Berwick, but Berwick couldn't stand me.


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