Friday, 16 May 2014


I`m pleased to be able to say that English Heritage have confirmed that we can have our annual Solemn High Mass at Brinkburn Priory, Northumberland on Saturday 6th September at 12 noon. More details later.


  1. Perhaps the intention could be for a 'NO' vote in the Scottish referendum on the 18th?

  2. Oh, This is tempting.
    As a staunch suporter of the UNITED Kingdom, I must obviously hope for a NO vote.
    BUT, and this is where it becomes devious and conspiritorial:
    the English Tory lurking inside my head has a secret desire for a YES vote, thinking of the impact on the House of Commons of the departure of c.60 Labour MPs.
    But, of course, that is unworthy, and I can't believe I just said it openly.


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