Tuesday 25 February 2014

An Extraordinary Day in Leicester

As mentioned in the post before last I travelled to Leicester for Saturday`s day of introduction to the Extraordinary Form. I knew what the format of the day was going to be but had no idea how many people would come. I needn`t have worried: the turnout was amazing. Here is a view of participants in the parish hall. 

It was encouraging to see so many young people. Apart from being subdeacon at the morning`s High Mass (where we had an expert MC in Stephen) my task was to offer an introduction to the pronunciation of the server`s responses at Low Mass. Thus I met Daniel, an undergraduate from Liverpool Hope university who had only been to one Extraordinary Form Mass before and that just the previous week. Also George, a student in Leicester who was likewise most keen to learn. The enthusiasm of Fr John Cahill whose idea the day was is clearly infectious. A wonderful day and maybe something we should consider organising here in Gateshead.

Thanks to John Aron for the photos.


  1. How sad to realise that these young people, and millions like them, have been robbed up to now of their Catholic inheritance,
    Congratulations on the day.

  2. It would be wonderful to have a similar day in Gateshead. Let us all think about it.

  3. Let us hope that it will be better supported than the recent exercise in Darlington. Did Fr Cahill say how he had promoted it?

    1. David, from what I understand it was largely done through sharing on Facebook and other social media


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