Wednesday 9 October 2013

Move update

Interestingly, I get more daily visitors to Forest Murmurs than to this blog. I`m still getting comments on Forest Murmurs and have recently acquired two more followers! A good number of visitors here also come here after visiting my old blog. I didn`t think it made sense to keep the old name now I have left Forest Hall but this one is taking a while to get settled in. I still have things to transfer from the other blog here but hope it will be all done soon.


  1. I cannot access your new blog from Google. I can only reach it by using Forest Murmurs and clicking on the link that you give there for Gateshead Revisited. (I am not terribly au fait with computers, I have to admit!)

  2. I've just tried Google and found GR but only after scrolling down a long way. There are just so many sites using 'Gateshead Revisited' that this is bound to happen and probably make people give up searching. Is it really too late to rethink the title?

  3. I just googled Gateshead Revisited and this blog was the sixth item!


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