Friday 13 September 2013

A trip to Chislehurst

Last weekend I enjoyed a brief stay at St Mary`s, Chislehurst with Fr Briggs. On Sunday we were joined for lunch by Fr Finigan and later by Mulier Fortis. There is a photo of we three priests out there somewhere but it`s not emerged yet.  Chislehurst has a lovely parish church, a very congenial liturgy and a most informative website, which is well worth a visit. The above picure is of Fr Briggs` Silver Jubilee Mass in 2011. St Joseph`s, Gateshead has a website too but I`ve yet to meet the webmaster. My Silver Jubilee is drawing close and I must start thinking about it but first I have my induction Mass on Thursday.

UPDATE; 15.09.13
Thanks to the Mulier Fortis for the plug. Here is the picture I mentioned by Michael Davies` grave.


  1. Great to have you back Father, hope all goes well at Brinkburn. See you on 22nd

  2. Patience, Fr. Brown! Things have been a little hectic and I'm somewhat behind with my blogging. You will be delighted to note that the photo has finally been posted over at my blog...


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